The Bollen Alley

life with our little family of three… and almost four!

about us

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jessica and whether you’re my mom or a complete stranger, I’m so glad you’re here.

In short, I’m a southern gal with a deep passion for Jesus and an overwhelming love for my family.  I enjoy microwave s’mores, blue jeans and boots, good conversation, and researching my latest passion until my husband stages an intervention.  I also love to play hostess – I get that from my mom – and nothing warms my heart quite like having my home filled with friends and family.  It’s so nice to meet ya!

Considering 97% of this blog will somehow also mention the following people, you should probably meet them, too…

First is my husband, Daniel. He’s smokin hot, tons of fun, and the most loving husband and father in the entire world. He teaches me, challenges me, and makes me laugh so hard I can’t move. He really should write this “about” page, because he knows me way better than I know myself. By day, he’s a youth pastor – by night, he’s our Superman.

And then, there’s our baby girl, Tindell Jane…or TJ, sometimes. Born in January of 2012, she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. For someone so little, she has this amazing ability of capturing the room’s attention with her contagious joy, energy, and pure sweetness. She smiles with her whole face, and it takes my breath away.

So, what can you expect from The Alley?  Well, just our life, to be honest. In July of 2012, we made the decision that I would quit my full time job in public relations and begin a new adventure as a stay at home mom.  I’ve always loved to write, so this is both an outlet for me as well as a way to share what’s happening with us in this next season, as I turn my full attention to our family, home, and ministry. I’m a “Jack of all Interests” in that I love a little about a lot of things, but am an expert in none. Things like photography, fitness, home design, fashion, crafting, and cooking – and this blog will be about all those things and probably more. I know that’s the opposite of most blog advice – “Find your niche!”, “Be Different!” – but that’s okay. The Alley will simply be a place to share and brag, teach and learn. I’m anxious to see how it evolves as we do.

So consider this an open invitation to our little place in the world. I pray you are blessed by something you read here and truly appreciate you giving us a moment of your time! Feel free to drop us a line or shoot us a tweet – we’d love you hear from you!


2 responses to “about us

  1. Jami Lupkey says:

    Jess! I’m pumped about your blog! I’ve missed you and your writting! You’d think after a year of class together and 80 something pages later I might think differently! 😉 NOT the case! absolutely ecstatic about reading The Bollen Alley!! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your beautiful angel, Tindell Jane! 

  2. natalie looney says:

    hey jess. it is me nat. from malvern. i am friends with shannon. How are you doing. i am fine. i have a unspoken prayer request.

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