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a bollen birthday

on September 12, 2012

I have decided the only thing scarier than launching a blog is figuring out what the first post is going to be. Eeek! Serious? Silly? Long? Short? Decisions, decisions. Luckily, my husband came to the rescue this week with the perfect no-pressure blog food… His birthday!

Today marks Daniel’s 25th year. He’s officially a quarter-century old, and has so much to show for it. A husband, daddy, pastor, and friend to so many… I could just go on bragging forever. We started the morning with a little gift, a few cards, and a big stack of Cake Batter Pancakes (thanks to Pinterest and this lovely blog).

Conveniently, his birthday fell on a Wednesday – youth night at The Summit!  So, he wrapped up the day with some love from the Summit Student Movement.  For the past couple of days, students and leaders in our ministry have been sending in all of the reasons they love Dan so we could compile them all into a list of “25 Reasons Why SSM Loves Daniel”. There are a few inside jokes in there, but in all I think it gives a pretty comprehensive description of the wonderfulness that is my husband, so check it out! I’m so proud of him.  Thank you to everyone who sent in your reasons… Daniel appreciates all of the laughs and warm fuzzies more than you know!

SSM Loves Daniel Because…

25. His beard and hair are always trimmed to just the right length. – Joey Gormley
24. He has a great heart for God, is an intense learner, and is submissive to God and those who lead him. – Bill Elliff
23. He’s got nice legs and a really cool scar on his neck. – Also Bill Elliff
22. He has the voice of an angel. And the hair of an angel. And the eyes of an angel. Basically, he’s an angel. – Jake Scott
21. He has a heart for people and a genuine love for others… and his sense of humor and his hugs! – Donna Bean
20. He’s 25, and tells everybody that I am, too! – Layne Johnston
19. He sings the original lyrics to rap songs at Ovations… public school. – Andi Tedder
18. He’s not ashamed to admit that he is an “interstate rockstar”. – Laura Hart
17. He is super understanding and relates to most any situation you ask him about. – Elliot Jones
16 .…And he is the strongest man in the world. – Elliot Jones
15. …And he stands in the back at every church service. – Elliot Jones
14. He loves God, and will always listen when you need and ear. – David Irico
13. He is always smiling and says “I love you guys!” – Kari and Hudson Jones
12. He fought a bear and won… and by “fought a bear”, I mean “broke his neck”… and by “won”, I mean “and now he loves Batman.” – Blake Hudspeth
11. He loves Superman. – Jessica Elliff
10. He has this amazing ability to walk into a school or anywhere really and start talking to people, and they love him… they always remember him. – Hannah Troutz
9. He’s a bawling good hugger! – Pam Keeling
8. He can do anything. – Brett Williams
7. He’s my boss… – Kory Hamlin
6. His shoulder hurts when he laughs really hard. – Lauren O’Dell
5. He can’t stand the “whoa’s” and “doo-doo’s” in worship music, which is why every secular song we sing at SSM must include them. – John Scott
4. He is the most encouraging person I know. Literally makes me believe I can do anything. – Kyle Uptergrove
3. He’s the best Daddy in the history of the whole world… aside from God. – Tindell Bollen
2. Everybody loves bunnies. – Nathan Rogers
1. He’s really hairy. – Bill Elliff
Again, thanks to everyone who helped put this sweet list together. We love you guys!

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